Electrik Maid -- disambiguation

The Electrik Maid is the name of one or more lunch counters / bake shops that were opened a century ago.

It is also the name of a prominent community arts center in Takoma Park, DC, also called the Electric Maid.

For the Electrik Maid bake shop in Biloxi, MS see electrikmaid.com.  It has been around for many decades.

For the former Electrik Maid lunch counter in Takoma Park, MD see oldtakoma.org or historictakoma.org.

Or see Middle East Cuisine and Olive Lounge which are owned by the same family in the Takoma location today.

The former location of the Electrik Maid in Takoma MD also houses Mark's Kitchen.

It was originally a lunch counter in Park Pharmacy in the early 1900s, run by vegetarian Seventh-Day Adventists.

It was later run by the Hishmeh family for many years in the 1970s and early 1980s before they opened next door as Middle East Market.

For the Electric Maid community cafe / arts space in Takoma DC which is named after the Electrik Maid in Takoma Park,

see electricmaid.org or oldtakoma.net.

The Electric Maid's neon sign is modeled after the former dinette sign, and was built by the same maker in the 1940s. It was originally designed for Friedrich's Dry Cleaners. It was refurbished and re-lit in 2010 by Friends of Old Takoma with assistance from a grant by the Old Takoma Business Association and Washington DC.

Other historic lunch counters (now defunct) in the DC area include the Waffle Shop on 10th Street / Park Road, People's Drug, and Comet Deli.

Information from oldtakoma.net

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